Backhoe for Sale In Pakistan

Backhoe for Sale In Pakistan

Backhoe for sale in Pakistan, a combination machine between excavator and loader. The backhoe equipment is a single unit which consisting of three construction equipment. Commonly known as “excavator loader equipment.” During the construction progress, the operator can change the working end by simply turning the seat. It is one of the most popular type heavy construction equipment in this industry. Welcome to know much more about the backhoe for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery.

AIDO Backhoe for Sale In Pakistan
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New Backhoe Equipment for Sale
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Types of New Backhoe for Sale In Pakistan

In AIDO machinery, there are many different types of backhoe loaders for sale which including small backhoe, mini backhoe, large backhoe, two wheel drive and four wheel drive backhoe equipment. You can choose these backhoe for your construction projects in Pakistan from AIDO machinery.

  • First, you can distinguish them by structure. One is equipped with side shifting frame and the other one is equipped without side shifting frame.
  • Second, you can distinguish these backhoes from its size, there are small backhoe, mini backhoe and large backhoes. You can choose these backhoe machine according to your requirement.
  • Third, from the power distribution point, the backhoe loader has two wheel(rear wheel) drive and four wheel (all wheel) drive. The former cannot fully utilize the attachment weight, so that the adhesion of the locomotive to the ground and the traction force are lower than the latter, but the cost is much lower than the latter.
  • Fourth, according to the type of bucket of the slag machine, it can be divided into: bucket type; crab claw type; vertical claw type; bucket type.
  • Last but not least, backhoe in AIDO machinery for Pakistan can be divided into wheel type backhoe and track backhoe.

Usage of AIDO Backhoe Equipment

The main usage of the backhoe loader is to excavate the ditch to arrange the pipes and underground cables, lay a foundation for the building and establish a drainage system.

What are the parts of a backhoe in Pakistan?

A backhoe equipment mainly consists of: Power-train, loading end, and the digging end. Some detailed parts mainly include Loader Bucket Link, Loader Bucket Cylinder, Loader Lift Arm, Backhoe Boom, Dipper, Arm, Stick, Crowd Cylinder, Dipper, Arm, Stick, Backhoe Bucket Cylinder, Bucket Side Link, Swing Frame, Pitman Arm, Swing Cylinder, Stabilizer Aim & Cylinder and the Loader Lift Cylinder. Each device is designed for a specific type of work. On a typical construction site, the backhoe operator usually needs to use all three components to get the job done.

Some Great Features of AIDO Backhoe Loader Equipment

  • It is a small, multi-purpose, high-efficiency construction machine.
  • It has basic loading and digging functions.
  • The rear axle swing, engine front and rear articulated structure can be used to greatly reduce the length of the body.
  • The overall force of the frame is improved, which is beneficial to the driver’s operating vision.
  • The key components such as engine, box, bridge and hydraulic system are all imported components, which improves the reliability of the whole machine.
  • The product has high power and strong working ability.
  • The original imported Cummins engine has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, low noise and strong power, high efficiency and economy, and the engine emissions can reach the Euro III level.
  • The front and rear axles of internationally renowned excavator loaders have superior performance, high reliability, easy machine steering, and wet brake bridges ensure good drive performance and safety performance.
  • The ultra-large cab is ergonomically designed to provide the operator with a low-noise operating environment with good shock absorption.

Applications of AIDO Backhoe Machine In Pakistan

The backhoe equipment is suitable for excavating ditches, loading and unloading earthwork, material handing, or basic back-filling. Especially, it is suitable for operation in small places. The backhoe can also be equipped with various accessories such as hydraulic hammers and hydraulic shovel which can meet various construction requirements and have adaptability range. Wide, high efficiency and good economical characteristics are ideal construction for highways, bridges, running water, gas pipelines, electric power construction, oil pipeline maintenance and various municipal repair projects.

Backhoe loaders are mainly used for urban and rural road construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, farmland water conservancy construction, rural housing construction, mountain rock removal and various construction projects undertaken by various small construction teams.
Backhoe, also knows as two-side busy in this industry. It is a kind of small multi-functional construction machinery, which is generally used in small projects after the completion of large projects. It can be equipped with a variety of work equipment and auxiliary equipment for excavation, shovel loading, pavement crushing, leveling the site, excavating trenches, laying pipes and other operations.

Factors That Influence The Price of Backhoe Equipment

When you need to buy a new backhoe for your project, price is an important factor you need to know. How much does a backhoe cost? Usually the price is depend on the size, digging and loading capacity, engine type, wheel type or track type of the backhoe?

How much does a backhoe weigh?

As we all know, there are many different types of backhoe loaders for sale in the market. So if you want to know how much does a backhoe weigh, you need to know that the weight of a backhoe mainly depends on the size, digging capacity and other factors which means different sizes backhoe has different weight. For details, you can get the technical parameters of these backhoe machine from AIDO construction machinery.

Do you need a license to operate a backhoe?

Generally speaking, Backhoe operators must also know how to operate different sized backhoes. They should have enough skills and know the needs to operate the backhoe. But there are no license requirements that need to be met in order to operate a backhoe.

Leading Backhoe Manufacturer In Pakistan – AIDO Machinery

AIDO machinery is a large backhoe and other construction machinery manufacturer and supplier who exported many different backhoes to different cities in Pakistan. We have office in Pakistan. We have professional sales team and engineers. We will be your best partner on the road to success! Welcome to contact us for the details of these new backhoe machine!

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