Difference Between Wheel Excavator and Track Excavator for Pakistan

Difference Between Wheel Excavator and Track Excavator for Pakistan
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Talking about excavator that is using in the construction machinery industry, most people will thinking of wheeled excavators and tracked excavators. But what is the difference between these two types of excavators? And what is the advantages of excavators? Here AIDO machinery will give you a detailed analysis, now let’s learn more about them.

Tracked Excavator
DZHW-04 Tracked Excavator

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AIDO Wheel Excavators
AIDO Wheel Excavators

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Wheeled Excavators It is easy to move and mainly use to do some small construction projects in the city. They can’t work in the soft place. Wheel excavators mainly doing some simple work in the concrete, lawn. They have limited damage to the road. Use of wheeled excavator is limited by the environment.
Tracked Excavators Track excavator is a tool for construction project, it may damage to the road. But it is very popular in this industry. It is widely used in different working environment.

Track excavator can’t drive on the road, but it can work in a relatively muddy place, it won’t trap, the machine is bigger than wheel excavator, and the efficiency is higher than the wheel type.

Generally speaking, in the construction site, tracked excavator is more practical than the wheeled excavators. The advantage of track excavator mainly appears in the chassis.

Track Excavators Advantages: Because the grounding area is large, it is better to be trapped in mud, wetlands, etc., because the excavator itself has a large weight, so this allows the excavator to go to a wider area, and because the track is a metal product, Mines or places with poor working conditions can also be competent, and the off-road capability is strong.
Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the investment is bigger than the wheel type. In addition, the mobility is not good. The highest design speed is only 5-7KM/H, and the long-distance movement depends on the board.
Wheel Excavators Advantages: small investment, fast speed, general speed can reach 40-50KM/H.
Disadvantages: The scope of use is narrow, mostly based on road administration or city engineering, and cannot enter mines or muddy areas, and the climbing ability is poor. Therefore, most excavator customers now choose to use crawler type.

Done with the difference between wheel and track excavators information that is listed by AIDO machinery? Are you still confused on choosing wheel excavators and wheel excavators for your projects in Pakistan? Then contact our sales team and engineer team, they will give you more technical support! Email us sales@aidomachinery.pk.

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