Double Drum Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Double Drum Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Double drum roller for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO machinery. They are suitable for roads and other large paving projects. The working weight of AIDO double drum road roller mainly running between 7 tons and 15 tons. Unusual compaction efficiency, automatic starting system, patented vibration cadence meter, unique water spray system makes the double drum road roller more popular. Welcome to contact us for price list of these new double drum roller machinery.

Double Drum Road Roller Machine from AIDO
LTC212 Double Drum Road Roller

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AIDO Double Drum Road Roller Machine
LTC6 AIDO Double Drum Road Roller

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Why Choose Double Drum Road Roller for Pakistan Project?

Two drum drive road roller ensures the machine has good driving performance and climbing ability, hydraulic step-less speed change, adapt to different working conditions in the construction sites.

The front steel wheel of AIDO double drum road roller is vibrated and compacted, and the rear rubber wheel is compacted by static pressure, wide application range, strong compaction ability and good road surface quality.

AIDO double drum road roller is used to compact the asphalt surface, compact the engineering foundation such as gravel and sand, and compact the school playground track and crush the lawn.

 Double Drum Road Roller Machine
LTC208 New Double Drum Road Roller

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Buy New Double Drum Road Roller
LTC203 Double Drum Road Roller Machine

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Characteristics of AIDO Double Drum Roller Machine

The working radius is small and can work in a small area, suitable for groove back-filling.

Equipped with popular diesel engine, superior performance and easy to start; adopt international ** hydraulic components, step-less speed change, front and rear walking, convenient commutation.

Diesel electrode chandelier start-up, machine vibration electromagnetic clutch control, operation is more convenient and convenient; install luxury seat, easy to adjust, work comfort;
Surface spray, beautiful, rust and corrosion resistant.

Features of Great Design Operation Platform

The large multi-position operating platform design, 9 rotations and 7 sliding positions maximizes the operator’s working field of sight-view. The operator station is located in the center of the machine, allowing the operator to better observe the surface and edge of the drum to make compaction more standard.

Easy to Maintain In Pakistan

The engine and hydraulic system of AIDO double drum road roller are accessed through the rear hood of the vertically opened machine, located at the rear of the machine away from the operating platform for convenient daily maintenance The vibration unit seal actually makes the replacement period of the vibrating shaft bearing oil up to 3 years or 3000 working hours.

Consumables Sent from AIDO Machinery

There are many easy broken parts for these road roller machine and other construction machinery. We will send you some when you buy our machine to ensure the normal working of the machine.

Double Drum Road Roller for Pakistan

We have many different types of double drum road roller for Pakistan market. They are suitable for different occasions and really popular in the construction projects in Karachi, Lahore and many other cities in Pakistan. Double steel wheel road roller is different from the single drum road roller, it is especially suitable for handling various asphalt mixtures as well as other granular materials. These high-yield road roller model offers excellent asphalt layer density, wide field of view, first-class comfort, fuel-efficient fuel economy and industry-leading water spray systems. It can be equipped with AIDO compaction control with temperature mapping and compacted number mapping and “machine-to-machine” communication for more efficient performance. Need one set for your projects? You are welcome to our office in Pakistan for cooperation.

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