Driving Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Driving Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Looking for driving road roller for sale In Pakistan? Welcome to AIDO machinery. Varies models for choosing with cheap price you can choose from our factory. Driving road roller is a popular type road roller in the construction projects. The most popular compaction machinery you can get from AIDO machinery. Send us your inquiry to us now!

Driving Road Roller Machine for Pakistan
AIDO Driving Road Roller Machine

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DYJ2090 Driving Road Roller Machine
DYJ2090 Driving Road Roller Machine for Pakistan

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Detailed Features of AIDO Driving Road Roller for Pakistan

  • Brand diesel engine, Japan HONDA B&S gasoline engine.
  • American light-load variable displacement piston pump, driving machine with stepless variable speed walking.
  • Add high engine oil filling port for easy oil change.
  • Streamlined large-capacity plastic water tank, beautiful and generous, no rust.
  • Forward and backward stepless speed shifting. The virbation button is integrated into the control handle for easy operation.
  • The engine is started with a neutral safety mechanism to ensure safe operation.
  • Equipped with safety seats, workers leave the seat and the engine is automatically turned off.
Driving-type Road Roller Machine
DYJ2290 Driving-type Road Roller Machine

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Driving Road Roller Machine
DYJ2148 Driving Road Roller

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Technical Parameters of AIDO ZDYL41 $ ZDYL41C

Model ZDYL41& ZDYL41C
Speed 0-3.5km/h
Turning Radius 1500mm
Theoretical climbing ability 25%
Nominal amplitude 0.5mm
Vibration frequency 70hz
Exciting force 20KN
Water tank volume 38L
Track 1180mm
Total length/width/height 1930/800/1750mm
Working Drive Hydraulic
Turn Manual mechanical
Vibration Mechanical transmission, electromagnetic clutch
Driving Road Roller from AIDO
DYJ2420 Driving Road Roller

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AIDO Driving-types Road Roller Machine
ZD8700 AIDO Driving-types Road Roller

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Usage of AIDO Driving-type Road Roller Machine for Pakistan

Driving-type road roller is suitable for the maintenance of various roads, fast shoulders, slide work, parking lots, playgrounds and garden lawns. AIDO driving road roller is suitable for different occasions and compacting road sides and some narrow sites.

It is easy to operate than the hand-held road roller machine. With vertical vibration, high excitation force and high compaction efficiency, AIDO driving road roller will be the ideal compaction equipment for roads, streets and squares by highways and municipal departments. You will benefit a lot by purchasing AIDO new driving road roller machines.

Some Features of AIDO Driving Road Roller for Pakistan Projects

  1. The operation of AIDO driving road roller is simple and flexible, and it can replace the ordinary work on the 2-3 ton drum.
  2. The international brand NSK precision arrangement welcomes the ball bearings to ensure the overall working performance.
  3. Pressure pump electric control hydraulic system, even spray, easy to switch, water will be storage.
  4. Before and after the installation, high-efficiency LED lights will make night construction much easier.
  5. The self-cleaning scraper will prevents dirt from accumulating.
  6. It is possible to compact the material of the large-size backfill stone isotopic roller which is difficult to compact.
  7. Because of its vibration function, it can compact dry cement concrete.
  8. Equipped with mature walking system and hydraulic vibration system which makes the walking and steering function easier and more reliable

How to Operate Driving Road Roller?

When you need to buying a new driving road roller for your compaction projects, you may want to know the operation of these machine. Here AIDO will give you some tips for operating.

Before using the driving roller for compaction, always set the throttle controller to a higher speed and then open the vibration switch to tighten the bolts on the damping rubber pad.

In the operation of compaction, when operating the forward and reverse gears, always turn off the vibration switch, lower the throttle controller, and then change the gear position, so that the shift task can be completed quickly and the safety can be guaranteed.

For the damping rubber pad on the roller, it is necessary to regularly clean the residue, for the driving roller of the driving roller or the wheel, and the vibration oil chamber of the vibration wheel, because the exposed part of the housing is rotating Therefore, when checking the oil level or discharging oil and refueling, it is necessary to start the position of the positive oil hole of the roller.

When the driving roller is idle, the machine should be properly prevented from aging. It is strictly prohibited to expose to the sun (high temperature environment) or long-term outdoor low temperature environment.

Choosing Guide New Driving Road Roller for Pakistan Market

  1. If you want to obtain a uniform compaction density, you can use a ride-type driving roller. The driving type road roller does not damage the original viscosity of the soil during rolling, and the soil between the layers has good bonding performance. The front wheel can be vibrated, so the compaction is relatively uniform and there is no false compaction.
  2. If you want to make the road surface compact, you can use a driving type roller. In areas where the compaction capacity of the driving roller is not high, the driving type roller can be used, and the hand-held roller with low pressure and flexibility can be used.
  3. To achieve compaction as quickly as possible, a large-tonnage driving roller can be used to increase efficiency and shorten the construction period.

AIDO Driving Road Roller Machinery for Pakistan

There are many different types of driving-type road roller machine for sale in our factory. We also manufacturing other road roller machine which including large road roller, hand-held road roller, single and double drum road roller, etc. Our road roller machine is popular used in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad in Pakistan. Send your inquiry to us, our sales manager will reply you price quotation soon.

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