Excavator for Sale In Gujranwala

Excavator for Sale In Gujranwala

The best excavator for sale in Gujranwala you can buy from leading manufacturer and supplier – AIDO machinery. All types of excavators, hydraulic excavators, tracked excavators, backhoe excavators, front excavators and small size excavators are available in our factory. Cheap price with all-around post-service in Pakistan. Welcome to buy your new excavators for the city construction in Gujranwala!

Excavator for Sale In Gujranwala
DWT-03 Excavator

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Smaller Excavators for Sale In Gujranwala
DZSW-02 Smaller Excavators

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AIDO Excavator Machine Features

  • Original imported engine that is in conformity with the Tier Ⅲ emission control regulations, guarantee, super power.
  • Imported hydraulic components for each excavators.
  • Both the high durability, reliability and performance of the LT 260 series excavators, its continued operation capability, fully able to confront the harsh conditions of the operating environment.
  • To strengthen the structure parts, the matching is equipped with the robust under corrtage and reliable front attachment.
AIDO Excavator for Gujranwala
DZW-05 AIDO Excavator

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Mini Excavators for Sale In Gujranwala
DZW-08 Mini Excavators

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Specifications of AIDO Excavators In Gujranwala

Operating Weight 24.9T
Bucket Capacity 1.3SAE m³
Swing Speed 10.5m/s
Max. Climbing Degree 35°
Arm digging force 148KN
Bucket Digging Force 159KN
Rated Power 133/2000kw/r/min
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 410
Average Grounding Pressure 45Kpa
Working Speed 3.3/5.2km/h

Various of Excavators for Gujranwala, Pakistan

Mini Excavator for Gujranwala . Refers to an excavator with a total weight of 6 tons or less and 6 tons. The small size of the excavator can easily ensure efficient and safe excavator transfer in small working sites, so it is especially suitable for small areas.

Medium-sized Excavators for Gujranwala. Generally refer to excavators with a total weight of 6 tons and 40 tons and 40 tons, which is the most common type of excavator on the road.

Large Excavators for Gujranwala. Generally refer to large excavators with a total weight of more than 40 tons. It is generally difficult to see him unless the transportation process, the users are almost mining for large mining sites, huge models, large-capacity operations. The powerful engine and pressurized pump push the huge hydraulic technology to the high-strength lower running body and forearm to meet the requirements of the mining industry.

Backhoe Excavator In Gujranwala. A kind of large excavator. He also has powerful hydraulic technology of powerful engine and pressure pump, and reverses the bucket to mine at a faster speed in the mine. Increase work efficiency. The backhoe excavator is characterized by a backward retreat and forced earth cutting.

Wheeled Excavator Used In Gujranwala. A kind of medium excavator. It only transforms the lower body track into a similar car tire, which enables him to have faster moving speed and more maneuverability than the average medium excavator. The speed of moving in the excavation increases and the work efficiency is increased. The disadvantage is that he can’t easily perform on various poor and soft roads like the medium-sized excavator that usually uses the track.

Shovel Excavator for Gujranwala from AIDO. It is especially suitable for digging deep and deep foundation pits, dredging old channels and digging out mud in water.

Wood Grabber Machine. It is the machine that grabs the wood, which is generally evolved from a hydraulic excavator. The biggest difference between the wood grabber and the ordinary excavator is the difference in the front end working device, that is, the work use is different: the size of the common excavator is generally short, the front end is the bucket.

The main function of AIDO wood grabber machine is carry out excavation and loading operations; The size of the machine is commonly known as the “grab arm”. It is generally long and its shape is different from that of ordinary excavators. The front end is a wood grabber. Its main function is to carry out the loading and unloading of wood, wood, reed, straw and various strips and handling operations.

Difference Between Backhoe Excavators and Front Excavators

The backhoe excavator is a kind of replacement device for the front shovel. Generally, the bucket capacity is smaller than the shovel, and the working cycle time is 8% to 30% longer than the positive shovel. Its stability and digging force are smaller than the positive shovel, suitable for I to III soil. Backhoe excavation is characterized by backwards and downwards, forced cutting.

The main excavation of the palm below the stop surface is mostly used for excavation of the foundation groove and underwater gravel. The excavation method is divided into two types: trench end excavation and trench side excavation.

Characteristics of front excavators are “advanced upwards, forced cutting”. The shovel has a large digging force and can excavate the soil above the stop surface. It should be used for excavating dry foundation pits with a height of more than 2m, but it is necessary to set up and down ramps. You can choose different models according to your use in Gujranwala from AIDO company!

Three Modes of AIDO Excavators

Excavators from AIDO generally have three modes: fine mode, normal mode, and heavy mode. The use of the three modes: fine mode mainly used for the equal search of the slope, the normal mode used for the general work of the side of the car, heavy-duty mode used for fast loading or large-scale work. Generally speaking, the normal mode will be used frequently.

Works of Smaller Excavators for Gujranwala, Pakistan

Small excavators usually refer to the capacity of excavators below 2 tons, the width less than 1.5 meters, so the passability of these excavators is very good, basically the environment can be freely passed, including more greenhouses, gardens, fruit trees, tea gardens, etc. The environment can basically carry out various operations in which it is more convenient, and works like indoors can also be operated. A great inventment for people who have limited buget on these excavators.

Different Bucket of AIDO Excavators In Gujranwala

Earthwork Bucket Rock Bucket
Loose Soil Bucket Grill Bucket
Thumb Bucket Wood Grabber bucket
Mud Bucket Tilt Bucket
Trapezoidal Bucket Four In One Bucket

About AIDO Machinery In Gujranwala

AIDO is a large manufacturer and exporter of different types of excavators and other heavy machinery manufacturer in Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia and etc. We have service office in many countries. Such as Lahore, Pakistan. All -around post service will be provide to your conveniently.

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