Excavator for Sale In Karachi

Excavator for Sale In Karachi

Different types of excavator for sale in Karachi from AIDO machinery! The most popular excavators(diggers) mainly include wheeled excavators and tracked excavators. And there are many different models of wheeled excavator for sale in our company that is popular used in Karachi. Outstanding in price and its performance. Send your inquiry now for more information.

AIDO Excavator for Sale In Karachi
DZKW-01 Excavator

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Excavators for Sale In Karachi
DZKW-02 New Excavators

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Classifications of AIDO Excavators In Karachi City

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy equipment for construction, AIDO produces new excavators with different operating weight and bucket capacity for you to choose. Here is a product list.

  • Tracked Excavators for Sale In Karachi

Grounding area of tracked excavator is larger than the wheeled excavators, the center of gravity is low, the driving force is large, and the pass-ability is strong, which is suitable for poor working conditions such as mud, wetlands and mines.

AIDO Excavators for Sale In Karachi
DZKW-03 AIDO Excavators

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Medium Excavators for Sale In Karachi
DZKW-04 Medium Excavators

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  • Wheel Excavators for Sale In Karachi

Wheeled excavators needs to install outriggers and grounded dozers to improve stability. Climbing ability is not as good as tracked excavator. Working speed is higher than the tracked diggers. Higher flexibility than the tracked excavators.

  • Mini Excavators for Sale In Karachi

The small and mini excavator has a unique advantage. Because of its low price, light weight, convenient maintenance and repair. Due to its small size, flexibility, versatility and high efficiency, it is very popular among users who are in the construction machinery market.

  • Hydraulic Excavator for Sale In Karachi

Hydraulic excavator, a multi-functional construction machine that is widely used in hydraulic engineering, transportation, power engineering and mining, etc. It plays an important role in reducing heavy physical labor for many workers in this industry.

Small Excavators for Karachi
DZKW-05 Small Excavators

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AIDO Excavators for Karachi, Pakistan
DZKW-06 AIDO Excavators

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  • Cheap Excavators for Sale In Karachi

We have many advantages with cheap excavators, such as price competitor, more models competitor and etc. For more about the price, you can contact AIDO sales-team.

Excavator Bucket Selecting and Application for Karachi

By Working Mode There include backhoe bucket and front bucket, backhoe bucket is more popular than the front bucket.
By Material Standard bucket, reinforcement bucket, rock bucket, gravel bucket, and etc.
By Features Ditch bucket, grid bucket, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, etc.

Among all of these, the most popular bucket will be the standard bucket and rock bucket. The rock bucket is deeper than the standard bucket. And there will be a relatively large number of side teeth on the side edges.

Standard bucket or rock bucket, which one to choose? We should choose the right bucket for different working conditions. It is recommended to use a general-purpose bucket when encountering working conditions such as dirt and fine sand. Conversely, it is recommended to use a rock bucket when encountering mixed soil, large stones and other working conditions. In addition, different buckets should match different excavator models, and the right excavator and bucket can be selected to maximize the performance of the bucket.

Some Standard Configuration of AIDO Excavator

Original imported engine, in conformity with the tier Ⅱ emission control regulations, guarantee super power.
Imported hydraulic components with high quality
Both the high durability, reliability and performance of the different series excavators, such as wheeled excavators and tracked excavators.
Its continued operation capability, fully able to confront to harsh conditions of the operating environment.
To strengthen the structure parts, the matching is equipped with robust under corrtage and reliable front attachment.
Our excavator for Karachi will be continuously improved with the progressing of the technique.
New hydraulic system moves faster and lasts longer
Standard environmentally friendly engine, full fuel combustion, more energy efficient

Why Choose Excavators from AIDO for Your Projects In Karachi

  • High quality with factory prices, high working performance.
  • Strong power of our engine with provide power protection for your working.
  • Consumables, easy broken components will be prepared for your excavators.
  • We have office in different countries, such as Pakistan, Russia, Philippines, Sri Lanka. Our excavator construction machinery is popular in the world. AIDO machinery will be your best partner on the road to success! Get your new excavators now for Karachi from our official website!
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