Excavator for Sale in Pakistan

Excavator for Sale in Pakistan

Different types of Excavator for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO machinery. A heavy construction equipment which consisting of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab on the rotating platform which is known as the driving house. AIDO new design excavator for sale is popular in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore,Pakistan. Various of bucket capacity excavator are available in AIDO machinery. Welcome to send us your inquiry.

Excavator Machinery for Pakistan
DZW-01 Excavator Machinery

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Excavators Machine for Pakistan
DZW-02 AIDO Excavator

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AIDO Excavator Machinery Classified By Walking Device

Classified by walking device, there are wheel excavator and track excavators for sale for Pakistan market from AIDO construction machinery company.

Track type excavator has large traction force(70-85% of the whole weight of the excavator equipment). Small grounding pressure, good off-road performance, strong passing ability, large climbing-up ability, small turning radius, But the disadvantages is the track excavator for Pakistan has low running speed and easy damage to the road.

Wheel excavator, or called tire excavator has good maneuverability, fast driving speed and easy dragging, but the disadvantages is that the wheel excavator machine’s grounding pressure is relatively large, the climbing ability is small. A special leg support is needed to stabilize the excavator machine when it is working.

New Excavators for Pakistan
DZW-03 AIDO Excavators

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AIDO New Excavators
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Excavator Price List for Pakistan

How much does a large or small excavator cost? General quotation of these excavators your want to buy? Just send us your inquiry, AIDO sales-team will reply you detailed price list with pictures and specifications and professional instructions.

Factors That Influence the Price of Excavators

When buying a new excavator in Pakistan, price is an important factor you should consider. Generally speaking, the price of the excavator is mainly determined by its size. Also, with the same size, the price will also determined by the weight of the excavator, the engine power and the excavator depth. At the same time, another factor is the reliability and durability of the excavator. In addition, because of the differences in products positioning, technical level, quality, and after-sales service, the price of these excavator will also different. Last but not least, the price is different if you buy these excavator from China, Japan, USA, Korea and other countries.

High Quality Excavator from AIDO
DZW-05 New Excavator Machinery

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Whoesale Excavators
ZD16-9B Wholesale Excavators

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Value for money When buying heavy equipment, don’t neglect the reliability and durability of the product, because the construction work in the next few years depends on it. Well-known brands of excavators are often more expensive, but they also have a higher overall quality. Don’t hold the idea of ​​”how much you can save if you save.”

Some users buy a poor quality excavator in order to buy equipment cheaply, and they have many problems, such as lack of power, hydraulic system leakage, and reduced work efficiency. Problems often occur. In serious cases, the equipment can not work normally, delaying the construction period and causing more losses to the users.

In addition, the maintenance of the equipment is also the procurement cost. Simply put, if you can’t afford the cost of maintenance, you can’t afford an excavator. Therefore, when purchasing an excavator from a dealer, the cost of maintenance of the equipment should also be considered. This part of the cost should also be considered as part of the purchase price of the whole machine.

Cheap Excavator Machine
DZW-07 Cheap Excavator Machine

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Types of Excavators – AIDO Produce

Small digging (less than 6 tons) Generally speaking, the price of new machines for small excavators in the domestic market is between 100,000 and 450,000 yuan, the largest model is no more than 600,000 yuan, and the common engine power is from 20KW to 50KW, the excavation depth is generally 3-4 meters. The bigger the machine, the stronger the power, and the higher the price. The price of a 6-ton model is generally between 300,000 and 400,000.
Small and medium-sized excavators (6~15 tons) The price list for small and medium-sized excavators refers to the tonnage between 6-15 tons, the excavation depth is 3.8-6 meters, and the engine rated power is between 35KW and 86KW. The price of new machines is generally between 300,000 and 500,000. The price of the most common models is about 400,000.
Medium excavators (20~25 tons) Medium excavators are also called general-purpose excavators. The engine is rated at 100KW to 170KW and can be dug 6-8 meters or more. The price of medium-sized excavators ranges from 680,000 to 1.3 million, and the most common one is about 900,000.
Large excavators (more than 30 tons) The large excavators sold in the domestic market are mainly concentrated in the range of 30-45 tons, and the engine power is from 150KW to 320KW. The oversized excavator can weigh more than 100 tons and is mainly used for excavation of various mines, water conservancy projects, etc. The average price of 30-45-ton excavators ranges from 1.18 million to large equipment worth hundreds to tens of millions.

Which Excavator is the Best for Pakistan Market?

When you need to buy a new excavator for your construction machinery project, you will confused that there are so many excavator manufacturers and supplier in the world. How to choose? And Which excavator is the best for you?

You may heard, Bobcat, Caterpillar, AIDO machinery and many other manufacturers, We all produce new excavators with different weight capacity. Which one is the best is hard to answer just because when you need to buy a new excavator, you should consider the budget, tons capacity and many different factors. AIDO is a large group who exporting all construction machinery for Pakistan for many years. We have office in Pakistan. Best post-service will be provide to you if you buy the excavator from AIDO machinery! The excavator which is suitable for you is the best excavator!

General Structure of AIDO Excavators

General Excavator Structures mainly include power units, work devices, slewing mechanisms, steering mechanisms, transmission mechanisms, running gear and auxiliary facilities.

From the appearance, the excavator mainly consists of three parts: working device, upper turntable and running mechanism.

The working device is a device that directly performs the excavation task. It is hinged by three parts: boom, stick and bucket. The boom landing, the stick telescopic and the bucket rotation are all controlled by a reciprocating double-acting hydraulic cylinder. In order to meet the needs of various construction operations, the excavator can be equipped with a variety of work equipment, such as digging, lifting, loading, leveling, clamping, dozing, impact hammer and other work tools.

The swing and travel device is the body of the hydraulic excavator, and the power unit and the transmission system are arranged on the upper part of the turntable. The engine is the power source of the excavator. Most of the diesel is used in a convenient place, and the electric motor can be used instead.

The transmission mechanism transmits the power of the engine to the actuators such as the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic pump, and pushes the working device to perform various operations.

Application of the Excavator In Pakistan

There are many different types of excavator machines for sale in AIDO machinery which is popular in Pakistan market. Various types and functions of the excavation machinery are widely used in the industrial and civil building, transportation, water conservancy engineering and electric power engineering, farmland transformation, mine mining and modern military engineering. Each excavator has its own usage and plays an important role in this industry. AIDO machinery is aiming at designing and producing more functional excavator for construction.

Operation Cycle for the Excavator for Pakistan

Four Steps
Excavation Mainly the compound action of the bucket and the stick, with the boom action if necessary.
Swing Mainly the boom and swing compound action.
Unloading Mainly the combined action of the bucket and the stick, with the boom action if necessary.
Back Composite action of swivel and boom or stick.

Some Technical Parameters of Excavators from AIDO

Here are some technical parameters that You Should Know before Buying the Excavator for Pakistan.

Operating Weight Walking Speed
Engine Power Traction
Bucket Capacity Climbing Ability
Digging Force Grounding Specific Pressure
Working Range Noise
Shipping Size Enhancement ability
Rotating Speed Productivity

Precautions Before Buying a New Excavator for Pakistan

When buying a new excavator, everyone will confused that “What should I look for when buying an excavator”? Especially if you are new to this industry. You should buythe new excavator according to your engineering institution’s own situation: Here AIDO machinery prepare some tips for you when buying new excavators in Pakistan.

First, you should consider the scale of your construction project. Large-scale earth-rock project and medium and large-scale open-pit mine projects should be analyzed, compared and scientifically calculated by relevant experts according to various factors such as investment scale and supporting equipment to determine the specifications, models and quantities of hydraulic excavators purchased. For small and medium-sized projects, such as road maintenance, farmland water conservancy, you can just use a common type of excavator. For example, a model excavator that with a wide range of 20 to 25 tons. This is enough for your project.

Second, consider the matching of its existing equipment which including the matching efficiency of the excavator and the efficiency of the existing equipment. For example, although the small excavator is cheap, it does not match the big dump truck. In this time, if you buy a big dump truck for the small excavator, it will be a waste for your purchase.
Last but nowt least, performance and reliability of the machine

The engine, hydraulic pump, control valve and hydraulic motor and other main assembly parts of the excavator machine are essential for the reliability and durability of the excavator machine. The performance of these components will also directly affects the life of the excavator. As the power source of the excavator, the engine requires high power and high torque, and environmental protection is also required.

In this, way, as the power source of the excavator, it is very important to select a leading engine manufacturer and supplier who designed and manufactured the engine specially for the construction machinery; Hydraulic components such as pumps, control valves and hydraulic motors should also be produced by world-renowned hydraulic manufacturers. Only in this way can the assembled excavators be durable and has good performance.

Other answers for different questions, please contact the engineer and sales manager of AIDO machinery.

More Information About AIDO Machinery

AIDO machinery, as one of the leading construction machinery group in China, has our own office in Lahore, Punjab. You are welcome to our office to negotiate with our Pakistan Country manager.

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