Heavy Machinery for Sale In Pakistan

Heavy Machinery for Sale In Pakistan

All types of new heavy machinery for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO construction machinery company. New heavy-duty equipment that mainly designed for construction trasks, compaction works and many other earthworks. Hot sale heavy machinery from AIDO mainly including excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, tractors and road roller machine. You can contact us for cheap prices, if you are looking for new heavy machinery for your construction projects.

Heavy Machinery - Loaders for Pakistan
Loaders for Pakistan

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4 Main Types of Heavy Construction Equipment from AIDO

  • Excavators for Pakistan

Excavators are important heavy construction machinery and widely used in construction industry. There are many different types of excavators for sale in AIDO company which including tracked excavators, hydraulic excavators, small excavators and etc. You can choose these according to your special requirement.

New Wheel Loaders from AIDO

Loader for Sale in Pakistan

The best loader for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO machinery. An earth-rock construction machinery that is widely ...
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Wheel Loader Machine for Pakistan

Wheel Loader for Sale In Pakistan

AIDO wheel loader for sale in Pakistan - different types of wheel loaders which including mini wheel loaders, compact wheel ...
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Tracked Excavators for Sale

Tracked Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

The best tracked excavator for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO construction machinery. High quality tracked excavators with ...
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Hydraulic Excavator for Sale

Hydraulic Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

AIDO hydraulic excavator for sale in Pakistan market that are characterized by many varieties, versatility, high quality, energy saving, reliable, ...
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Cheap Excavator Machine

Excavator for Sale in Pakistan

Different types of Excavator for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO machinery. A heavy construction equipment which consisting ...
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New Tractors for Sale

Tractor for Sale In Pakistan

Different types of tractor for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery with cheap prices. Various of construction machinery tools, such ...
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AIDO New Road Roller Machine

Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Road roller for sale in Pakistan, a popular type construction machinery from AIDO machinery. There are static road roller and ...
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AIDO Excavator for Sale In Karachi

Excavator for Sale In Karachi

Different types of excavator for sale in Karachi from AIDO machinery! The most popular excavators(diggers) mainly include wheeled excavators and ...
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Single Drum Road Roller Machine

Single Drum Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Single drum road roller for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery, also called single-wheel road roller machine. The main structure ...
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Excavators contains a long arm and a cabinet. At the end of long arm, a grand digging bucket is provided. Also this digging bucket can be replaced by other different bucket as you need. Usually there comes with a grand cabinet for operators, it can rota-table up to 360 degree which is really convenient for you to operate.

  • Compaction Machinery- Road Roller Machine for Pakistan

The main compaction machinery mainly refers to road roller machine in AIDO, but also include some smaller compaction machinery which means plate compactors and tampping rammers. Plate compactors or road rollers are used to compact the materials or earth surface. Different types of compactors and road rollers are available for different compacting purposes. You can find different models of compaction machinery from AIDO machinery. Just contact us and tell us your usage, our sales team will give you a specified instruction.

  • Loaders for Pakistan

Loaders which mainly refers wheel loaders in AIDO, are used in the construction site to load the material onto dumpers, trucks etc. The materials can be excavated soil, demolition waste, raw materials and etc. A loader from AIDO will contain large sized bucket at its front with shorter moving arm. Loaders may be either tracked or wheeled. But you can only find wheel loaders in our factory. Wheeled loaders are widely used in sites, they are easy to operate, higher speed than tracked loaders and less damage to the ground.

  • Tractors for Pakistan

One of the most popular agriculture machinery, tractor belongs to self-propelled power machine that is popular used to pull and drive work machines to perform various mobile operations. It is the great tools for farmers. The power of wheeled tractors can be ranging from 25 to 220HP.

There are two wheel drive tractors, four wheel drive tractors, 2 cylinder tractor, 3 cylinder tractor, 4 cylinder tractor and 6 cylinder tractors in our factory. We also have small tractors, wheel tractors for sale. There are a wide range of new tractors for different uses. You can choose these according to your requirement, such as budget, usage and etc. Welcome to send your inquiry now!

A Detailed List of AIDO Products

Excavators/Track Excavators Loaders/Wheel Loaders
Backhoe Bulldozers
Graders Tractors/Wheel Tractors
Compaction Machinery Pavers
Trucks Other related construction machinery you need from AIDO

Heavy Machinery Companies In Pakistan

As a leading heavy machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, AIDO has its office in Pakistan and has many business in different cities in Pakistan which including Lahore, Karachi, and etc. With its high quality and varies of types, AIDO heavy machinery open the construction equipment door in Pakistan as soon as possible. We have many customers in this place. If you are looking for new heavy machinery for construction projects, you can consult AIDO team. We will reply you soon.

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