How to Choose the Right Loader from AIDO?

How to Choose the Right Loader from AIDO?
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The main features of the loader include the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability and light operation. At the same time, different auxiliary working devices can be used for bulldozing, lifting and other operations. That’s the reason why loaders become theone of the main construction of earth and stone in engineering construction.

How to Choose the Right Loader from AIDO
Choose the Right Loader

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For users of these wheel loaders, in order to obtain higher returns and reduce investment risks. When purchasing a loader, you should not only consider the price factor but should consider it in many different ways. According to different purposes, it is ‘enough and easy to use’. And according to the principle of ‘get the most comprehensive income’ to buy these loaders.

In general, the following four principles must be followed when purchasing a loader:

  • First, the choice of model: mainly based on the occasion and use of homework to select and determine. Generally, homework is carried out in quarries and soft bases, and a belt loader is often used.
  • Second, the choice of power: generally use engineering machinery with diesel engine, in special regional homework, such as altitude above 3000m, should use a special high-altitude diesel engine.
  • Third, the choice of transmission type: generally use hydraulic mechanical transmission. The hub component is the choice of the torque converter form. At present, the loaders produced in China mostly use twin-turbo, single-stage two-phase liquid torque devices.
  • Fourth, when selecting the loader, we must fully consider the concept of the loader, including multiple brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes. The brakes are hoofed, caliper and wet multi-piece. The brake head structure is generally a force-applying device, and its power source is compressed air, gas capping oil and hydraulic type. At present, the gas top oil brake system is commonly used, and a double-circuit brake system is generally used to improve the safety of driving.

Other tips for buying new loaders for your project in Pakistan? You can browsing on our website. Or Welcome to contact AIDO Group. Our sales manager and engineers will give you a detailed introduction. Hope to be your parnter on the road ro sucess in this inductry – AIDO Machinery.

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