How to maintain the plate compactor?

How to maintain the plate compactor?
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Plate compactor is a type of small construction equipment which is hot-sale in AIDO machinery. Do you know how to maintain this machine? Here are some tips for you!

First of all, if you don’t use the plate compactor for a long time, just turn it off the fuel-saving valve (oil switch, under the choke). Then idle and let the oil in the carburetor burn out.

When you need to use the plate compactor to repair the asphalt road, the diesel oil can be wiped on the bottom plate to prevent the asphalt from sticking.

How to Maintain the Plate Compactor from AIDO
Maintain the Plate Compactor

When working in cement or stable layer, please pay attention to cleaning the plate compactor after use it.

The working oil of the plate compactor should be pure gasoline, and the unleaded gasoline above 93 is added.

Before work, just let the engine of the plate compactor running for 2-3 minutes. Also if you want to turn off the engine, let is running for 2-3 minutes. This is good for the plate compactor.

The throttle should be adjusted to the maximum position during the plate compactor work.

When starting the engine of the plate compactor and pulling the rope, please do not use excessive force. As long as you feel the resistance in the pulling process, then you can pull it. It will start soon. then gently return the starting handle. In the winter, start can be turned off to start the choke, but it must be turned on after starting.

Other maintaining tips for new plate compactor? Just contact AIDO machinery for user manual when you bought the plate compactor from our factory.

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