Hydraulic Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

Hydraulic Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

AIDO hydraulic excavator for sale in Pakistan market that are characterized by many varieties, versatility, high quality, energy saving, reliable, durable, comfortable and safe seat with high working efficiency in our factory. They are favored by the majority of construction projects in Pakistan construction industry. Welcome to get your new hydraulic excavator from AIDO machinery.

Hydraulic Excavator for Sale
DZHW-01 Hydraulic Excavator

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Hydraulic Excavator Machine
DZHW-02 Hydraulic Excavator Machine

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Applications of Hydraulic Excavators from AIDO Machinery

Hydraulic excavator is a multi-functional machinery that widely used in hydraulic engineering, transportation, electric power engineering and mining, etc. It reduces the heavy manual labor for people who is working in this industry and ensures the quality of the project, accelerates the construction speed and improves the labor productivity. Hydraulic excavator really play a very important role.

AIDO New Hydraulic Excavators
DZHW-03 Hydraulic Excavato

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Hydraulic-powered Excavator for Sale In Pakistan
DZHW-04 Hydraulic Excavator

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Features of AIDO Hydraulic Excavators for Pakistan

  • Multi-degree of freedom working machine.
  • Using the principle of leverage, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the boom, the stick and the bucket to generate relative rotational movement between the components, thereby realizing the artificially controlled excavation and unloading action;
  • The upper slewing platform rotates about a vertical axis;
  • Long-distance cantilever excavation and unloading;
  • Transfer or move the working face of the whole machine by the track.

Types of AIDO Hydraulic Excavator for Sale

Mini Hydraulic Excavator for sale Mini size which is easy to operate, high efficiency, enough power for digging. Outstanding price advantage   than the large hydraulic excavator.
Medium hydraulic excavator High working performance medium hydraulic excavator designed according to different requirement in the construction projects.
Large hydraulic excavator Excellent performance, excellent handling, powerful stick and bucket digging force, superior lifting capacity, convenient maintenance and comfortable console, large hydraulic excavator get large power to ho helping you in large projects.
Remote-Control Hydraulic Excavator Suitable for special occasion that cannot be controlled by people. Suitable for special conditions.
Tracked Hydraulic excavator Complete tracked hydraulic excavator that is suitable for different working conditions. Large grounding area, low center of gravity, high quality chassis will ensure the quality of your project.
Wheel hydraulic excavator It not only has the performance of a normal crawler excavator, but also has the ability to quickly transition, especially for urban street work. It can be equipped with buckets, grabs, breakers, hydraulic clamps, etc.
Auto hydraulic excavator A new type of small hydraulic excavator. The automobile chassis is used to suspend the excavating work device at the tail of the car frame, and the two hydraulic cylinders are used to push the boom to swing left and right, so that the working device can be rotated 180 degrees to the left and right, and the excavator has a simple structure.
Walking hydraulic excavator Walking hydraulic excavator with simple operation, small and flexible, convenient transportation, and can work in small places; The standard configuration of the blade can level the site, backfill the earth, and increase the stability of the machine.

Price List of Hydraulic Excavator In Pakistan

Price of hydraulic excavator will be ranging according to its size, types and types of bucket. If you want to get the details, please contact with our sales group by sending an email to sales@aidomachinery.pk. We will send you details soon.

Types of Hydraulic Excavator Bucket

The structure of the hydraulic excavator has a front shovel and a backhoe. The front shovel is generally a mainframe, and the bucket structure is relatively simple. The backhoe is generally a common medium and small machine. Depending on the application, the bucket type of hydraulic excavator is various.

Leading Manufacturer – AIDO Group

AIDO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different models of hydraulic excavators. We have office in Lahore, Pakistan. Our professional sales-team is waiting for your coming there. If you are going to purchase a new hydraulic excavator and confused about the price, types, just contact with AIDO group now! We will reply you in 2 hours and give you detailed quotation soon.

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