Imported Tractors for Sale In Pakistan

Imported Tractors for Sale In Pakistan

The imported tractors for sale in Pakistan mainly ranges from 30 horsepower to 240 horsepower. They are divided into five series according to different chassis. Each chassis imported tractor has a wide range of configurations. Safety frame, cab, paddy tires, crawling files and other configuration are optional for different cities in Pakistan. Welcome to choose new tractor from AIDO Machinery.

Imported Tractors from AIDO
DTY-SK350 Imported Tractors

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 Imported Tractors for Sale from AIDO
DTY-SK354 Imported Tractors

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Features of AIDO Imported Tractors for Pakistan

  • All series tractor provider.
  • Wheel Tractor 17-180 hp.
  • Small and medium size wheeled Tractor 17-65 hp.
  • Crawler Tractor 70 – 120 hp.
 Small Imported Tractors for Sale
DTY-C702 Small Imported Tractors

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Small Imported Tractors
DTY-C402 Small Imported Tractors

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Types of Tractors from AIDO

As a leading manufacturer of construction and agricultural machinery, we have many different types of imported tractors for Pakistan market. They are small tractors, medium tractors, large scale tractors. Most of them are wheel tractors, but we also manufacturing tracked tractors. Imported tractors from AIDO can be used for agriculture, forestry, industry and other business.

  • Medium Size Imported Tractors

Medium imported tractors mainly used the TB chassis series, AIDO is one of the mature models that use the new-diesel engine, optional full diesel engine, strong pressure lifter, shuttle shifting structure, gear position 12F+12R, two sets of hydraulic output.

Streamlined hood, unique shape, family-style front cover of the same system. The double cylinder is pressed into the earth lifter with large lifting force and reliable use. Tire configuration is abundant, optional 11-32, 14.9-28, 14.9-30, etc. More than 60 horsepower is equipped with main and auxiliary diesel tanks, increasing the volume to meet the needs of long-term work. For different configuration, you can customize from AIDO Machinery.

 Imported Tractors for Sale
DTY-LX2204 Imported Tractors

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Wholesale Imported Tractors for Sale
DTY-LX2204-1 Wholesale Imported Tractors

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  • Large Imported Tractors for Pakistan

Large imported tractors mainly used the TD series chassis, LX series chassis, and TG series chassis. TD series chassis large tractors exported to Pakistan is one the one of the mature models in AIDO. The gearbox of these large tractors mainly has two configurations, which can be divided into a crawler block structure and a shuttle shifting structure. The gears are all belongs to 16F+8R, the difference is that the shuttle shifting speed is higher, and the minimum speed of the crawling gear can reach 0.46km/h, that is mainly used for ditching and other operations during the working process.

The gearbox adopts 16F+8R gear position, optional crawler gear, shuttle shift, and synchronizer shifting gears of different speeds. Optional step-less adjustable half shaft to meet different wheelbase needs. Reinforced double-cylinder forced-in-place lifting system with power output speed of 760/850, optional two or three sets of hydraulic output. Increase the diesel tank, the capacity can reach 180L, optional air conditioning. Large TD series chassis tractors are equipped with Dongfanghongguo III engine, it has high economic efficiency and is equipped with Weichai engine.

 Imported Tractors for Sale
DTY-ME350 Imported Tractors

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Imported Tractors for Sale
DTY-ME350 Imported Tractors

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Five Different Chassis About AIDO Imported Tractors to Pakistan

ME Chassis Standard side control, strong pressure riser, can be equipped with 2 sets of hydraulic output, gear position 8F+4R. Optional 8+8 shuttle shifting.
TD Chassis


Equipped with Dongfanghong or Weichai engine, gearbox 16F+8R, with shuttle shift and crawler gear, the difference is in gear speed and work.
TG Chassis


Equipped with Weichai or Shangchai engines, gearbox 16F+16R synchronizer shifting, reinforced chassis and suspension. Optional electro-hydraulic lifting system.
TB Chassis


Match new diesel or full diesel engine, 12+12 shuttle shift, side-mounted, double cylinder booster
LX Chassis Equipped with Dongfanghong or Weichai engine, gearbox 12f+4R, reasonable speed matching, stable and reliable chassis. You can choose a crawler file.
AIDO Imported Tractors
DTY-ME304 AIDO Imported Tractors

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Imported Tractors for Pakistan from AIDO
DTY-ME300 Imported Tractors

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  • Components & Parts – Stamping & Welding

The welding lines are used for welding, Frames of medium/heavy-duty trucks and cabs of various tractors.

  • Components & Parts – Gears & Machinery

Imported CNC and large size cutting machines

  • Components & Parts – Casting & Forging

General casting, Advanced steel casting, Nodule iron casting, Precision casting and Forging

Engine for Agricultural Tractor for Importing

  • Four stroke cylinder inner combustion engine.
  • Low speed and constant high torque.
  • High torque rise (20% or more).
  • High starting torque for AIDO tractors.

Technical Parameters of AIDO Tractors

Model ME450
Type 4*2
Dimensions(mm) Length 3740
Width 1645
Height 2134
Tread Front Wheel 1250
Rear Wheel 1400-1600
Min. Ground Clearance 380
Min. opearting weight (kg,with ROPS) 1905
Max.lifting force (KN) 7.45
Ballast Weight (kg) Front Ballast 80
Rear ballast 200
Reated traction force (kn) 10
Engine Model A495BT-5
Type Vertical,4-Cylinder, Water Cooled and 4-stroke
Rated Power (KW) 33.1
Rated Speed (r/min) 2300
Fuel Diesel
Tyre Front Wheel 6.00-16
Rear Wheel 12.4-28
Clutch Single-action cluth
Steering Hydraulic steering
Transmission Type 8+4
Suspension Type 3-Point links
Pto Type and rev rear,semi-independent Type 540/1000
Spline Size 6 teeth

Imported Tractor Price In Pakistan

Price of AIDO imported tractor price is varies according to different types and sizes. Different configurations will also change the price, for example brand of the engine, extra components and etc. If you want to know the price of these tractors, welcome to send us your inquiry and our sales team will contact you soon.

Importing Tractor From China -AIDO Company

With over fifty years of production experience, in addition to advanced equipment and assembly lines imported from Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Britain, and Italy, AIDO agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and heavy machinery quality and reliability are assured.What kinds of certificate have AIDO Tractors passed? AIDO Machinery have passed ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 certified, and AIDO products are OECD, CE, and CCC certified. Products that meet EPA, E-mark, and GOST standards.

Are you trying to import new tractors for the agricultural in Pakistan? Welcome to get more information about AIDO machinery in China. We have office in Pakistan. If you are interested in our tractors price and specializations, you are welcome to our office for discussion. Here is our official email – Or you can call us right now!

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