List of Heavy Construction Machinery Used In Pakistan

List of Heavy Construction Machinery Used In Pakistan
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Here is a list of heavy construction machinery used in Pakistan that is produced by AIDO Machinery. Except for the construction machinery for buildings, we also produce road construction machinery, railway machinery and some other agriculture machinery. We have a large variety of machinery for you to choose in Pakistan. Now let’s see what are they.

List of Heavy Machinery Used In Pakistan
Heavy Machinery Used In Pakistan

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Excavators for Pakistan

Excavators which belongs to the excavating machinery, also called navvy, diggers and etc. AIDO has the most entensive product line in the excavator industry, we have large excavators, medium excavators, small excavators, hydraulic excavators, tracked excavators. When you choose some machinery for general excavation or on-site preparation in Pakistan. AIDO excavators will be your smart choice. Our excavator has a variety of features and benefits to help you work more efficiently and maximize uptime.

Excavator List from AIDO
DZSW-04 Excavator List

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Excavator List from AIDO Machinery
DZSW-06 Excavator List

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Loaders Used In Pakistan

Loaders for Pakistan is a type of popular construction machinery that is used for different occasions. The loader is a special type of engineering equipment which consisting of an engine, a torque converter, a gearbox, front and rear drive axles. It is usually driven by tracks or wheels. In AIDO, wheel loaders are hot-sale for Pakistan market with its reasonable prices and entensive product line. From small wheel loaders to large wheel loaders, from 38kw rated power to 175kw, you can choose one set that is suitable for your project.

AIDO Loader List
DZL-900 AIDO Loader List

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Loader List from AIDO
DZL-956 Loader List

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Road Roller Used In Pakistan

AIDO road roller, a compaction machinery that is used a wide range of compaction operations. They can used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Road roller belongs to the road construction machinery. They works by their own roller to rolling to make the soil, road surface more encrypted and solid. These road roller machine are widely used in filling and compacting operations for road construction and  agricultural project. It can crush sand, semi-viscous and viscous soil, roadbed stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement. There are driving-type road roller, hand-held road roller, remote control road roller, single drum, double drum road roller and some other large size road roller machine for you to choose.

AIDO Road Roller List from AIDO
DYJ1650 Road Roller List

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Road Roller List
DYJ1400 Road Roller List

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Farm and Agriculture Tractor Used In Pakistan

Tractor is an auxiliary machine that used to haul and tow other equipment that cannot move on its own. Most of them are gasoline powered. AIDO tractor product line mainly including standard tractors, farm use tractors, agricultural tractor, graden use tractors and some other engineering tractors. The horsepower can be ranging from 30 to 240 horse power. You can choose accoding to your requirement.

AIDO New Tractors List
DTY350 New Tractors List

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Tractor List from AIDO
DTY-01 Tractor List

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AIDO also produces some small construction machinery that is used on the road. Here is a list for you:

Plate Compactors Used for Pakistan

The plate compactor is mainly suitable for the bonding between compacted particles and the compacting of materials with less friction, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt.

Tamping Rammers

Popular compacting machine that is made by AIDO machinery. The main function of these tamping rammers is stratifies the backfill with blasting and impact vibration. Electric tamping rammers, gasoline tamping rammers and vibration tamping rammers. Send us inquiry if you need these small machinery.

Power Trowel

The power trowel is also called a light collector. Its main structure is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor with a spatula on the bottom of the cross in the middle of the rotor. The tilting direction of the spatula coincides with the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the V-belt is driven by the gasoline engine to rotate the spatula rotor. Compared with artificial smearing, it can improve work efficiency by more than 30 times.

Road Cutting Machine

Road cutting machine is a tool for road maintenance construction. The main function is to cut the seam on the road surface with a depth of 100mm-200mm. It is widely used in stone cutting, concrete cutting, prefabricated board cutting, new and old roads.

Curb Paver from AIDO

The curb paver machine is compact and easy to operate. It is used for the curb forming, especially for the curb forming of recreational green space, community garden curb and etc.

Rail Grinding Machine for Pakistan

The rail grinding machine machine is mainly designed for precision grinding of the rail head, as well as for burrs from polished aluminum hot-melt seamless welding or reinforced welding and rail wear, to trim the rail head profile to meet the standard requirements. The machine body adopts high-strength aluminum alloy frame and is equipped with a biased anti-slip guide wheel, which can polish the two sides and the top surface of the rail head. It is a special equipment for rail head grinding of railway engineering. Cheap price and easy top operate.

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