Loader for Sale in Pakistan

Loader for Sale in Pakistan

The best loader for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO machinery. An earth-rock construction machinery that is widely used in road, railway, construction, hydro-power, port, mining projects. AIDO loader is a tool that used for shovel loading soil, sands coals. You can change different models of bucket according to the usage. Different types of loaders are available in AIDO. Welcome to buy it now for your project!

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Loader Machine Price In Pakistan from AIDO

When mention to the price of loaders, there are many factors that will have an effect on it. Different sizes loaders have different price, different types of loaders, such as wheel loaders,track loaders also have different price. According to the configuration of the loader, the price will also different. So if you want to buy a new loader machine and want to know the price. Just contact AIDO group, our sales-team will send you a detailed price list for your choice.

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What are the basic functions of loaders?

Here are three basic functions of AIDO loaders. Loading-brings the object program into memory for execution, Relocation-modifies the object program so that it can be loaded at an address different from the location originally specified and linking-combines two or more separate object programs and also supplies the information needed to reference them.

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Some Features of AIDO Loaders

In the construction of roads and some high-grade roads, AIDO loaders will be used for the filling and excavation of sub-grade works. In Addition, the loader machine from AIDO company also has the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability and light to operate. It become more and more popular in Pakistan’s earth and stone construction projects.

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Types of Loaders from AIDO Construction Machinery

Small Loader Power Less Than 74kw
Medium Loader Power Between 74 ~ 147kw
Large Loader Power Between 147kw-515kw
Extra Loader Power Greater Than 515kw
Hydraulic-mechanical transmission loader Small impact vibration, long life of transmission parts, easy to operate, automatic adjustment between vehicle speed and external load, generally used in medium and large loaders;
Hydraulic transmission loaders Step-less Speed ​​regulation, easy to operate, but poor start-ability, generally only used on small loaders;
Electric drive loaders Step-less speed regulation, reliable operation, simple maintenance, high cost, generally used on large loaders.
Wheel Loader Light weight, fast speed, flexible, high efficiency, not easy to damage the road surface, grounding pressure is large, poor pass-ability, but widely used;
Track Loader Grounding pressure is small, good pass-ability Low center of gravity, good stability, strong adhesion, large traction, large cutting force, low speed, relatively poor flexibility, high cost, and easy to damage the road when walking.
Front end loader Simple structure, reliable work, good vision, suitable for various working places, widely used
Skid Steer Loader Smaller than common loaders and can achieve in-situ steering, and is more suitable for working in a relatively narrow space.
AIDO Large Loaders
DZL965 Large Loaders

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Four Tips for Choosing New Loaders for Your Project

  • First, buy loaders according to the power. AIDO loader machine mainly use diesel engine, but if you want to use it on a high altitude which is above 3000m, we may change the diesel engine into a special engine. You can consult with our sales-manager and engineer.
  • Then, check transmission type. AIDO loaders generally use hydraulic mechanical transmission. Nowadays, the loaders produced in AIDO factory mostly use twin-turbo, single-stage two-phase liquid torque devices.
  • Third, you should consider the braking performance. In AIDO machinery, we mainly use the gas top oil brake system and the double-circuit brake system to improve the safety driving.
  • Last but not least, price. Generally speaking, there are track loaders and wheel loaders for sale in the market. But because of its high cost, lower speed, poor mobility. Wheel loader machine become more and more popular in Pakistan market. And here AIDO mainly produce wheel loaders for reasonable price for Pakistan customers.

Save Oils for Your New Loaders

  • During the working process of the loaders, don’t slam the throttle.
  • Do not leave the engine in full throttle for a long time.
  • Transfer the exercise process as much as possible using the middle throttle.
  • Use the brakes, do not step on the brakes.
  • Timely shifting the gear position.

Features of AIDO ZD953H Loader for Pakistan

  • Heavy duty and powerful.
  • Hangzhou advance gearbox, easier operation, high working efficiency.
  • Pilot controlled, fully hydraulic steering system, easier operation.
  • Bucket can be leveled automatically, optimized working device, higher productivity.
  • Comfortable operation environment, new design cabin, air-conditioner at option.
  • Various working devices of attachment are available, such as log clamp, pipe clampl, grass fork, plow, loose bucket, fork etc. To meet different needs.

Parts of Specifications of ZD953H Loaders from AIDO Machinery

Model ZD953H Loader
Rated capacity 3.0m³
Rated weight 5000kg
Operating 17000kg
Max. Dump height 3200mm
Max. Dump reach 1148mm
Wheel base 3300mm
Overall dimension 8250(L)*3030(W)*3378mm(H)
Rated Power 162kw
Specified rotational speed 2200r/min
Transmission ZL50
Model of torque device Combined with the gearbox
Pattern of the gearboxes Planetary-structure
Max. Travel speed 40km/h
Type size 23.5-25
Brake system Air assisted oil disc on four wheel
Parking Brake Soft control, disc type

Processional Construction Machinery – Loaders Manufacturer – AIDO

AIDO mchinery, produced A and H series loader machines with new design. We are aiming at manufacturing and producing hot-sale and economic loaders for Pakistan market. We have office in Lahore, Pakistan and we have engineers in this office which will give you best pre-service and post service on the loader purchasing. Here are many different types of loader machines with small and large size for you to choose for your construction projects. Want to get a new loader for your program? Do not hesitate! Contact AIDO Company! We will be your best parnter in Asia in 2019 on the road to sucess!

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