Plate Compactor for Sale In Pakistan

Plate Compactor for Sale In Pakistan

Ten more models of new plate compactor for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery. A self-powered earth compacting machine that use a relatively large and flat ductile iron floor to compacts the soil and asphalt. AIDO offer One-side plate compactor, two-side plate compactor, electric plate compactor and gasoline plate compactor with wholesale prices. Welcome to contact us for price now!

AIDO New Plate Compactors
DPH96A Plate Compactor

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New Plate Compactor
DPH106 Plate Compactor

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Category of AIDO Plate Compactor In Pakistan

In AIDO company, we manufacturing and designing electric electric plate compactor, gas powered plate compactor, single-direction plate compactor and double-direction plate compactor. Which type you want to choose?

New Plate Compactors
DPH80 New Plate Compactor

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Single-side Plate Compactor
DPH100A Single-side Plate Compactor

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Working Principle of AIDO Plate Compactor

Plate compactor are primarily suitable for the materials with relatively small adhesion and friction between particles, such as gravel, flat models, grindstones and glass. Generally, the footprint of a particular panel is almost constant, and the performance of the panel impact is primarily affected by the total amount, vibration force, and frequency. In order to maintain the vibration received by the actual material, the higher the vibration frequency, the higher the vibration efficiency.

Double-direction Plate Compactors
DPHS165 Double-direction Plate Compactor

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Plate Compactor Machiney
DPH150 Plate Compactor Machiney

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Structure Picture of One-side Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor Structure
Plate Compactor Structure

Features of AIDO Plate Compactor

  1. Two-direction plate compactor from AIDO machinery adopts Honda power which is powerful, reliable and durable.
  2. Completely closed V-belt drive reduces wear and tear on components.
  3. The bottom plate are made of ductile iron which has a longer service life than the wooden or iron impact bottom plate.
  4. The Installation of the rubber wheel makes the machine moves conveniently.
  5. Our plate compactor can work back and forth with higher efficiency and convenient use.
  6. Compact structure and beautiful appearance.
  7. Short-distance transition of the machine.
  8. Short-distance transfer small wheel of the wheel.
  9. Plastic water tank, beautiful and have no rust.
  10. Vibrating floor reinforced design, precision casting to ensure no cracking

3 Regular Problems and Answers You Should Know When Buying New Plate Compactor

Problems Solution
The vibrating plate cannot work at full speed, and the compaction effect is not very good.


The engine throttle lever is not fully open.

The throttle control is not adjusted properly.

The floor is too moist and the bottom plate is stuck. Dry the soil before compacting.

The drive belt is too loose or worn and slips on the belt pulley. Adjust or replace the belt. Check that the engine mounting bolts are tight.

The eccentric block bearing is poorly lubricated. Check the eccentric block oil and oil level. Add or replace oil.

The air filter is blocked by dust, which reduces engine efficiency. Clean or replace the air filter.

The engine speed is too slow. Check the engine speed with a tachometer. Adjust or repair the engine to the correct speed. See the engine manual.

The engine works but there is no vibration 1. The engine throttle is not open.

2. The drive belt is too loose or damaged. Adjust or replace.

3. The clutch is damaged. Check and replace the clutch.

4. The engine speed is too slow. Check engine speed.

5. There are too many lubricants in the eccentric block. Adjust the oil level to the correct level.

The vibrating plate is beating or compacted unevenly. 1. The ground is too hard.

The suspension block is loose or damaged.

How much does a plate compactor weight?

In AIDO, the weight of plate compactor mainly ranging from 100 kilograms to 300 kilograms.

So How does the plate compactor work?

When the plate compactor runs, heavy plate on the bottom of the machine will moves up and down quickly. Plate compactor are the vibrations required to maintain a constant rocking height (typically between 0.4 and 0.8 mm) during operation. However, in order to use a car oscillator as a power source, their total amount is limited. Therefore, the technical requirements of each component are getting higher and higher.

Generally speaking, the plate compactor from AIDO factory is divided into an internal combustion type and an electric vibration type plate compactor. The board type consists of two parts: class, group, type, feature code and main parameter code. The update code for the tablet is located at the end of the tablet model.
Plate compactor are mainly used for bonding between tamping particles and less friction materials such as river sand, gravel and asphalt.

What is a compactor used for?

Plate compactor for sale in Pakistan market mainly used for the roads, municipalities, buildings, water conservancy and other fields. During the construction of pavements, streets, buildings, canals, bridges, slabs, small places in the vicinity of structures such as engineering foundations and curbs, real-time pressure can also be used to suppress the construction of flat slabs more than other similar models on the domestic market. Practicality and reliability, cost-effective and economical.

The utility model has reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large influence depth, stable operation, no dead angle and high efficiency. It is widely used in roads, municipalities, buildings, water conservancy and other fields to reinforce foundations, curbs and asphalt pavements for roads, streets, buildings, canals, bridges, etc.
Plate Compactor Manufacturer and Supplier – AIDO Company

Buy some new plate compactors for your project in Pakistan from AIDO machinery. AIDO plate compactor product series mainly include ZDBH24 single-direction plate compactor, ZDBH31B double-direction plate compactor, and other plate compactor with models of ZDZR80, ZDZR96B, ZDZR96, ZDZR106A, ZDZR106, ZDZR150, ZDZR160D and etc. All of these plate compactor is suitable for Pakistan market. Welcome to buy your own best plate compactor from AIDO machinery ltd.!

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