Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Road roller for sale in Pakistan, a popular type construction machinery from AIDO machinery. There are static road roller and vibratory road roller coaster in our factory for compaction works. AIDO road roller has good working performance on the plateau that can crush sandy, semi-viscous and viscous soils. With high shaking force, The depth of influence reaches more than one meter. Welcome to get more information about the price of AIDO road roller machines now!

AIDO New Road Roller Machine
DYJ1350 AIDO New Road Roller

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AIDO Road Roller Machine
DYJ1650 AIDO Road Roller Machine

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Application and Category of AIDO Road Roller

Different types of road roller from AIDO machinery is suitable for filling compaction of large-scale projects, such as high-grade roads, railways, airport runways, dams, etc. We have walk-behind road roller machine, driving-type road roller machine, remote control road roller, single and double-drum road roller and other road roller machinery for sale in our factory.

AIDO New Single Drum Road Roller for Sale
DYJ1148 AIDO New Single Drum Road Roller

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AIDO New Road Roller Machine
DYJ1400 AIDO Road Roller Machine

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Usage of AIDO Road Roller Machine

Road rollers The self-made compacting machine that compacts the soil, the roadbed cushion and the pavement layer by using the rolling action of the grinding wheel. AIDO road rollers are widely used in filling and compacting operations for road construction, embankment and dam construction, it can crush sand, semi-viscous and viscous soil, roadbed stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement.

Road Roller Machine for Pakistan
DYJ2078 Road Roller Machine

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AIDO New Road Roller Machine for Sale
DYJ2148 AIDO New Road Roller Machine

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Driving Road Roller Specification

Model ZDYL42A
Speed 0-4km/h
Turing Radius 2600mm
Theoretical Climbing Ability 30%
Exciting Force 20KN
Nominal Amplitude 0.5mm
Water Tank Volume 67L
Engine Model HONDA GX390
Power 13.0hp/3600rpm
Amount of Lubricant 1.1L
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5L
Track 1230mm
Total Size 1810*830*1990mm
Working Wight 900Kg
Working Drive Hydraulic
Turn Hydraulic Steering
Engine Type Gasoline Engine, Air-cooled 4-stroke, OHV, singe cylinder
Hand-held Road Roller
DYW2060A Hand-held Road Roller

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Hand-held Road Roller
DYW2084 AIDO Hand-held Road Roller

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Features of AIDO Road Roller Machine

  • Brand diesel engine, Japan HONDA B&S gasoline engine.
  • American light-load variable displacement piston pump. Driving machine with step-less variable speed walking.
  • Add high engine oil filling port for easy oil change.
  • American colloidal hydraulic motor, double-drive walking.
  • Streamlined large-capacity plastic water tank, beautiful and generous, no rust, less water.
  • Forward and backward step-less speed shifting. The variation button is integrated into the control handle for easy operation. The engine is started with a neutral safety mechanism to ensure safe operation.

Price of The Road Roller Machine In AIDO Company

The price of AIDO road roller machine will be varies according to its size and functions. If you want to get the price list, just contact us!

Static Road Roller and Vibratory Road Roller

According to the actual pressing principle, there are static road roller and vibratory road roller.

Static Road Roller Vibratory Road Roller
The static pressure roller is made by the gravity of the machine itself to make the crushed layer permanently deformed and compacted. It is divided into two types: steel wheel type and tire type.


Vibratory Roller A vibrator is installed on the static pressure roller, and the compaction and the exciting force are used for compaction. There are single wheel, double wheel, tire type, double vibration type, combined type and so on. The eccentric mass exciter is mounted on the roller shaft and is mechanically or hydraulically driven. A suspension mechanism and anti-vibration measures are installed between the vibrating wheel and the frame. Some tire vibratory rollers also use frequency-tunable exciters. The basic technical parameters of the vibratory roller are the machine weight, the excitation force and the bus pressure (the sum of the static line pressure and the line pressure). With a machine weight range of 1.5 to 18 tons, it has a wide application range and is suitable for various compaction operations. It has large compaction thickness, good effect and high productivity.

Other Different Types of Road Roller Machine from AIDO

Single Drum Road Roller

Single drum road roller is a vibratory type roller which consist of a large steel drum in front and two wheels in rear. The single drum rollers are available in a wide range of operating weight from 10 tons to 16 tons, with drum 1.5m to 1.7m in diameter and 2.13m to 2.17m in wide in AIDO machinery. The self-propelled vibratory drum delivers greater excitation force, increasing compaction efficiency and productivity in road construction.

Tyred Road Rollers

Tyred roller or rubber tyred roller is made up of a heavy truck with rows of four closely spaced tires, widely used to compact asphalt road and cement stabilized base as well. The pneumatic tyred roller’s maximum operating weight ranges from 20 tons to 30 tons, ground pressure adjustable from 200 kPa to 540 kPa, which greatly increase the evenness and smoothness of road surface.

What is the shape of road roller?

There are many different types of road rollers for sale in our factory. There are tyre-shaped road roller and steel drum shaped road rollers for sale you can choose from our factory.

Working Principles of AIDO Machinery

The road roller is a method that utilizes mechanical weight and vibration to repeatedly load the compacted materials to overcome the cohesive force and internal friction between the materials. To excluding the internal gas and moisture, forcing the displacement between the material particles, wedges each other, and increasing the compactness to achieve a certain degree of compactness and flatness of the working machine.

How to choose the right road roller?

  • First, you can choose the road roller according to the quality requirement of the projects.
  • If you want to obtain a uniform compaction density, you can use a tire road roller. The tire roller does not damage the original viscosity of the soil during rolling. The soil in each layer has good bonding performance. The front wheel can be oscillated, so the compaction is more uniform and there will be no false compaction.
  • If you want to make the road surface compact, you can use the all-drive roller. For areas where the compaction capacity of the roller is not critical, a compact roller with a low line pressure can be used.
  • To achieve compaction as quickly as possible, a large tonnage roller can be used to shorten the construction period.
  • Fourth, according to the type of material that being pressed.

For rock fill compaction, a large tonnage roller should be used to displace large blocks;
For the compaction of clay, it is best to use a bump compaction roller;
For compaction of the mixture, it is best to choose a vibratory roller to make the size of the pellets uniform;
The deep lamination should be slowly rolled with a heavy-duty vibratory roller, and the shallow layer should be a static-acting roller.

High Quality Road Roller Manufacturer and Supplier

Looking for smaller road roller, large road roller, hand-held road roller, or driving road rollers for your project? Choose AIDO construction machinery for your next partner! High quality with competitor price road rollers will be provide to you!

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