Single Drum Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Single Drum Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Single drum road roller for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery, also called single-wheel road roller machine. The main structure of the single drum road roller, one drum is in front. Two tires is at the back. The design of single drum road roller meet the needs of different customers for road rollers. Buy single-drum road roller machine from AIDO for your business in Pakistan now!

Single Drum Road Roller Machine
DYJ1650 Single Drum Road Roller

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Single Drum Road Roller Machine from AIDO
DYJ1350 Single Drum Road Roller Machine

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Technical Parameters of AIDO Single-Drum Road Roller Machine

Model ZDYL91
Speed 0-9km/h
Turning Radius 2200mm
Exciting Force 85/43KN
Power 35kw/3000rmp
Vibration frequency 41hz
Amount of Lubricant 6L
Fuel Consumption 261g/kw.h
Furl tank capacity 50L
Steel Wheel width 1200/1030mm
Track 1812mm
Total Size 3424L/1350W/2840Hmm
Working Weight 3500kg
Engine Model Yanmar
Engine Type Diesel Engine, water-cooled 4-stroke, four-cyclinder
Single Drum Road Roller
DYJ1148 Single Drum Road Roller

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Single Drum Road Roller Machine In Pakistan
DYJ1400 Single Drum Road Roller

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Features of AIDO Single Drum Road Roller for Pakistan

  • Wider models of AIDO single drum road roller with more configuration.
  • Glossy steel wheel can cover the bump to increase the compaction effect.
  • International famous brand Yanmar diesel engine.
  • Imported Poclain variable pump, drive machine variable speed walking.
  • Imported Polclain plunger motor drives walking.
  • Intelligent combination instrument console with microcomputer, which can realize various functions such as operation, monitoring and alarm.
  • The walking reversing mechanism with the neutral locking function ensures the safe start of the machine.
  • Herringbone tire, grab the dungeon, suitable for backfill construction.
  • Mechanical drive, four-speed speed; hydraulic vibration (vibration machine), front wheel hydraulic oscillation or vibration (vibration oscillator) manual control start-up; hydraulic steering, easy operation.
  • Oscillation and vibration function through manual conversion, easy to operate, No impact (vibration oscillating machine)
  • Articulated frame, flexible steering; front frame fork and foot support design, can be completely close to the shoulder compaction; the overall appearance of the machine.
  • The rear cover shell wings open 180 degrees, easy engine maintenance.
  • Electronically controlled pressure spray water, anti-corrosion sprinkler tank and system.
  • Optional light surface or pattern drive tire.
  • High prototype optional turbocharged diesel engine.

Applications of AIDO Single Drum Road Roller for Different Projects

The single-wheel roller belongs to small road roller, it is used to compact the asphalt surface, compact the engineering foundation such as gravel and sand, and crush the lawn. The working radius is small and can work in a small area.

It is generally used for compaction and repair of pavement foundation and asphalt surface. It can also be used for asphalt surface lamination and repair of pavement and other sites.
General road foundation and asphalt surface layer compaction and repairing vibrating oscillating roller for urban roads, intercity and county roads, sports and other industrial sites are more suitable for bridge decks, etc. Asphalt surface lamination and repair of the site

Hinged Structure of AIDO Single Wheel Road Roller for Sale

The single steel drum roller hinge structure comprises a front frame, a front hinge frame and a rear hinge frame, wherein the front frame is provided with a swing limiting block, and the front hinge frame is provided with a fixed plate, a lower hinge plate and an upper hinge a front frame that is connected to the front hinge frame by a slewing ring to swing up and down, and limits the swing amplitude thereof by a swing limit block provided inside the fixed disk, the upper hinge plate, the lower hinge plate and the rear hinge The frame is hinged and the front articulated frame can swing left and right.

Difference Between Single-Drum Road Roller and Double Drum Road Roller

  • The single drum roller machine is mainly used in the earthwork construction process of road construction to enhance the compaction degree of earthwork filling. The main difference between single-drum roller and double-drum roller is the using position and the using procedures.
  • Main function of the double-drum road roller is to shape and compact the asphalt concrete and also ensure the smoothness of the asphalt concrete pavement to reduce the turbine marking of the pavement.
  • While the function of the single drum vibratory road roller is to compact the base layer.

Working Principles of Single-Drum Road Roller for Pakistan

The single steel wheel road roller from AIDO machinery, mainly adopt the hydraulic transmission. It is driven in both directions. The adjustable armrest of the single-drum roller machine can be adjusted according to the height of different drivers. It is more ergonomic and gives the operator a comfortable operating environment. The armrest can be easily transported after being folded if you need. The extra large water-tank reduces the hassle of adding water back and forth, allowing the machine to adding for continuous working hours. Adjustable automatic cleaning scrapers are installed on both sides of the steel wheel to prevent the accumulation of dirt and asphalt on the steel wheel, which makes the compaction work during your whole project more ideal.

Single-Drum Road Roller Supplier- AIDO Machinery

AIDO machinery produces different types of single-drum road roller machine, such as the ZDYL91 model and ZDYL91N, ZDYL92 and ZDYL92N and etc. Other single steel wheel for different functions you need, contact AIDO group for details! In the construction machinery industry, AIDO will be your partner on the road to success!

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