Small Loaders for Sale In Pakistan

Small Loaders for Sale In Pakistan

Looking to buy small loaders for sale In Pakistan for your projects? Welcome to AIDO machinery to choose different types of smaller size loader machine. Wholesale price small loaders from AIDO company have different sizes and appearance. You can change the bucket according to your requirement. Contact us for more!

Small Loaders for Pakistan
DZ960 Small Loaders

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Small Loaders for Sale In Pakistan
DZ951 Small Loaders

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Different Types of Small Loader Bucket for Sale from AIDO

Divided by bucket capacity, there are different types of bucket capacity for you to choose from AIDO factory. There are coal bucket small loader, sand bucket small loader, rock bucket small loaders and etc. You can also find small size track loaders and wheel loaders in the market.

General Structure of AIDO New Small Loaders

Small loaders for sale in Pakistan are compact and they are built on four wheels which set very closely together. Position of the small loader’s engine usually in the rear which is behind the driver’s seat. There are two arms that running on two side of the driver’s cab from back to front to connect the attachment that actually does the work. AIDO is continuously optimized in the small loader structural design to better meet the needs of different venues.

Small Sized Loader for Pakistan
DZ950 Small Sized Loader

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AIDO Small Loaders for Pakistan
DZ932 AIDO Small Loaders

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Bucket for AIDO Small Loders

The type of bucket can be selected, the wooden fork, the grasping fork, the grass fork, the snowboard, the fork and other optional parts. The bucket can be selected according to the density of the material, that is, the weight. , rock bucket and ordinary bucket, coal bucket capacity is larger than ordinary bucket, mostly used for loose materials, such as grain, sand, etc., rock bucket capacity is smaller than ordinary bucket, mostly used for heavy materials, such as large stones. Ordinary buckets are suitable for general materials.

In AIDO company, the bucket of the small loader can be replaced by the wooden fork, the grasping fork, the grass fork, the snowboard, the fork and other optional buckets. Also, according to the weight of the picked materials, the original bucket can be replaced by coal bucket, rock bucket and ordinary bucket. The capacity of coal bucket is larger than the ordinary bucket. Generally, the coal bucket is used for picking loose materials such as grain, sand, etc. Capacity of rock bucket is much smaller than the common bucket and they are used for picking heavy materials, such as large stones. Common buckets are suitable for common materials. Which types of materials you want to pick up? Just choose the best small compact loader for your business from AIDO machinery!

Features of Small Loder Machine

Small loader is a construction machine with a lifting arm, a solid body and an engine. It can be installed with a variety of attachments.

It is flexible and the left and right sides are independently driven, and the power, load and load are evenly distributed.

The power of AIDO small loader for sale is generally 20-50 kW, the main engine quality is 2000-4000 kg, and the speed is 10-15 km per hour.

It is mainly used in occasions where the work site is small, the ground is undulating, and the work content changes frequently.

Suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, terminal loading and unloading, urban streets, houses, barns, barns, airport runways, etc.

At the same time, it can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery.

In general, the most outstanding feature of AIDO small loader is its unique steering mode. The ordinary car or loader uses front wheel steering, but the small loader uses the difference in speed between the two wheels to achieve vehicle steering. .

Another important feature of the small loader is its rich accessories and quick changeover capabilities. AIDO small Loader has been developed with more than 100 accessories, and its quick change function makes it quick and easy to replace accessories, making the small loaders easier to achieve more functions.

Buying Guide for Small Scale Loaders

When you are going to buy a new small loader, you need to know that the size of small loader is smaller than the common loaders and they can achieve steering without moving. Small loader is suitable for narrow space work.

The small loader is all-wheel drive, which is more suitable for working on undulating ground;

Because the small loader is smaller in size, the working efficiency is not enough for large construction projects.

Small loader operations can quickly change or hang different work units, typically in minutes. They can be used for scraping, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grabbing, shoving, loosening, trenching, road cleaning and road compaction, which is not available in ordinary loaders.

Small Loader Machine from Henan AIDO Machinery

AIDO small loader is outstanding in the outward appearance, quality, category, engine and many other main parts. It is one of the most popular loader machine in AIDO factory. We have office in Pakistan. Our loaders are popular in Pakistan market. Send your inquiry for price list now!

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