Small Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Small Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan

Small road roller for sale from AIDO machinery with good compaction effect, high construction efficiency, fully hydraulic has become more and more popular in Pakistan market. AIDO smaller road roller machine is easy to operate and maintain. Welcome to buy new road roller with small size for your projects.

Small Road Roller for Pakistan
DYJ2078 Small Road Roller

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Small Road Roller Machine In Pakistan
DYJ2090 Small Road Roller Machine

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Types of Smaller Road Roller Machine from AIDO Factory

Small road roller for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery mainly include hand-held road roller, driving road roller, single-wheel road roller and the remote control road roller and many other different types of smaller size road rollers for Pakistan market. We can say that, all hand-held road rollers are small rollers.

Small Road Roller for Pakistan
DYJ2148 Small Road Roller

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Small Road Roller for Sale In Pakistan
DYW1028 Small Road Roller

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Working Principles of Small Road Roller

The small road roller is a machine that utilizes mechanical weight and vibration to repeatedly load the compacted material, overcomes the cohesive force and internal friction between the materials to removes the internal gas and moisture, and forces displacement between the material particles. Weighing each other to increase the degree of compaction, so that it reaches a certain degree of compactness and flatness of the working machine.

Small Road Roller for Pakistan
DYJ2290 Small Road Roller

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Small Sized Hand-held Road Roller Machine for Sale
DYW2055 Small Road Roller

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AIDO Small Road Roller Features

  • The working radius of small roller is small and can work in a small area.
  • Use famous hydraulic transmission system, step-less speed change, convenient commutation and long service life.
  • Adopt internationally renowned bearing,V-belt to ensure machine quality.
  • Diesel power electric start, light and flexible.
  • Easy to operate with detailed operation manual and simple to maintain.
Smaller Road Roller for Pakistan
DYW2060 Smaller Road Roller

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Small Road Roller Machinery for Sale
DYW2060A Small Road Roller

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Factors that Affect the Compaction Effect

  • The material to be pressed and its gradation.
  • The water content.
  • The compaction energy and construction method.

Why Choose Small Road Roller Machine

The small compact road roller has good effect and compactness, which can meet the construction workers’ standard.
Small roller is very convenient to operate, compact in construction, more flexible, and more detailed.

AIDO small roller machine adopts brand-name engine, the quality is guaranteed, the performance is superior, the starting is easier, the hydro-static transmission unit is adopted, the step-less speed change, and the front and rear walking and reversing are more convenient.

The engine of small road roller adopts electric start, electromagnetic vibration clutch control of the machine, which is easier and more convenient to operate. The luxurious seat is installed, the adjustment is more convenient, and the work comfort is improved.

Precise steering performance is good for the operator to achieve optimal welt compaction.

The edge of the trench, the compaction of the asphalt concrete at the corners should use these small roller machine.

When the structures such as pipe culverts, passages, and abutments are back-filled during road construction, the large-scale road roller cannot be compacted in the working area, in this way, smaller size road roller is needed.

Municipal garden landscape, real estate residential community landscape, pavement laying in the construction of golf course, pavement compaction of sidewalk can’t use large road rollers to compaction. That’s the reason why we produce small compaction machinery – small road roller.

For other narrow construction occasions, small roller machine will complete the compaction work flexibly and efficiently.

Small Road Roller Machine from AIDO Construction Machinery

Small road roller manufacturer- AIDO machinery mainly produces hand-held small roller with working weight less than 1 ton, and the exciting force between 9KN to 15 KN, driving small road roller with working weight between 1to 4 ton and the exciting force between 15KN to 30KN. Other road roller models you need, please contact AIDO sales team. Small road roller with its serviceability, economic and mobility become widely used in the compaction industry in Pakistan.

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