Tracked Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

Tracked Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

The best tracked excavator for sale in Pakistan you can buy from AIDO construction machinery. High quality tracked excavators with different models for you to choose. Cheap prices track excavators from AIDO. It is a common type of excavator which is flexible and better use for urban construction. Welcome to buy your new track excavator from AIDO Company.

 Tracked Excavators for Sale
DWT-01 Tracked Excavators

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AIDo Tracked Excavators for Sale
DWT-02 Tracked Excavators

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Track-type excavators from AIDO group are heavy construction equipment which consisting of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. We also call them crawler type excavator. It is different from the wheel excavator and become more and more popular in the urban construction. The house of these tracked excavators sits atop an undercarriage with tracks. AIDO tracked excavators are easy to move, it is popular used in the city construction, and more for municipal use. They can work in a very soft place. This is different with the wheel excavators.

Mini Tracked Excavator
DWT-03 Mini Tracked Excavator

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Large Tracked Excavators from AIDO
DWT-04 Large Tracked Excavators

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Types of Tracked Excavator from AIDO Machinery

Mini Tracked Excavator for Sale

Medium Sized Track Excavator

Large Size Tracked Excavators

Hydraulic Tracked Excavator for Sale

Walking Device for Track Excavator for Pakistan

The walking device is the supporting part of the excavator. It bears the self-weight of the machine and the reaction force when the working device is excavated. At the same time, the excavator can be operated or transported in the working place (track type).

Large Capacity Track Excavators
DWT-05 Large Size Track Excavator

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New Tracked Excavators
DWT-06 Tracked Excavator

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The characteristics of the small track excavator walking device, the driving force is large, (usually the driving force of each track can reach 35-45% of the weight of the machine), the connecting pressure is 40-150 is terrible, so the off-road performance and stability number, climb Slope capacity is generally 50-%-80%, up to 100%

The turning radius is small and the flexibility is good. The advantage of the tire type walking device is that the running speed is fast, the mobility number, and the running tire does not damage the road surface, so it is popular in urban construction, compared with the crawler type excavator.

General Structure of AIDO Track Excavator for Sale In Pakistan

Main structures of common track-type excavator  include power units, work devices, slewing mechanisms, steering mechanisms, transmission mechanisms, running gear and auxiliary facilities. The transmission mechanism transmits the power of the engine to the actuators such as the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic pump, and pushes the working device to perform various operations.

Usage of AIDO Tracked Excavators for Pakistan

Different with the track excavator, wheel excavator mainly used in some small projects in the city in Pakistan. They can’t work in the soft place. AIDO track type excavator is simple used on the concrete floor, the lawn. Generally speaking, track excavator maybe a little crush to the road, but AIDO will try its best to reduce the damage.

Features of AIDO Tracked Excavator In Pakistan

  • Track excavators from AIDO  has good maneuverability, fast driving speed and easy dragging.
  • The grounding pressure is small, the climbing ability is better than the wheel excavators, and special leg support is required for excavation to stabilize the machine.

Difference Between Tracked and Wheel Excavators from AIDO

Compared with track type excavators, tire excavators have higher chassis and high conversion efficiency. They are suitable for urban greening construction and pipeline laying. Humanized design and configuration avoid geographical and climatic conditions’ affect. GPS and APP applications are satisfied. Remotely visualize the monitoring of oil, condition and faults, reach out and obtain the machine filter, oil filter and air filter configuration which will greatly reduce maintenance time and cost.

As a complementary product of the track excavator, wheel type excavators have no comparability. In AIDO machinery, the appearance and technological level of wheeled excavator become more and more mature. The turbocharging technology can not only meet the plain operation, but also adapt to the high altitude working environment. Technology, the core pump, main valve, swing motor, travel motor, cylinder and other core components are of excellent quality and stable performance.

Tips for Buying New Tracked Excavator for Pakistan Market

  • Quality of the Tracked Excavator

Not matter what you buy, quality is first. So do tracked excavator. The quality of the track excavator will directly affects the customer’s income.  What is a high quality tracked excavator? The combination of big brand or imported parts? More than that, the compatibility and matching between the accessories, as well as the adjustment of the hydraulic system’s proportioning parameters which will also directly affect the performance and service life of the vehicle. You should consider all of these before buying a new excavator.

  • Multi-function Tracked Excavators

You can choose a multi-function track excavator if you have enough budget. Recently, Multi-functional tracked excavators are more and more popular in the market. Why? Along with the development of the times, people’s demand for materials has gradually increased, young labor has gradually decreased, and machines have replaced humans in all aspects of social development. The multi-purpose use of track excavators has adapted to the needs of the times. Multi-function tracked excavator will gain greater advantages in the fierce competition of construction machinery industry.

Comprehensive Accessories of Tracked Excavator from AIDO

Another point that can’t be ignored is the fitting degree of the tracked excavator accessories. This is a important point for senior excavator driver. Comprehensive accessories system will promise you a reliable using experience.

AIDO Tracked Excavator Manufacturer and Supplier

Special structure and humanized configuration of the tracked-type excavator can meet the needs of the end users to the greatest extent. The professional and experienced engineers are the standard configuration of the excavator manufacturer – AIDO machinery. We have many different types of wheeled excavator for sale for Pakistan market. If you are in the market of construction machinery, try AIDO Machinery! For more details, welcome to contact us for price list!

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