Tractor for Sale In Pakistan

Tractor for Sale In Pakistan

Different types of tractor for sale in Pakistan from AIDO machinery with cheap prices. Various of construction machinery tools, such as bulldozers, dozer blades, transfer equipment, buckets, arable equipment and harvesters can be added to the tractor to finished other works in the agriculture. More durable and powerful tractors you can choose from AIDO company. Send us your inquiry now!

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Tractors for Sale In Pakistan
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Features of AIDO Tractor for Pakistan Market

The tractors from AIDO company are ranging from 30 horsepower to 240 horsepower. They are divided into five series according to different chassis. Each chassis product has a wide range of configurations. Optional safety frame, cab, paddy tires, crawling gear will suitable for the configuration needs of different regions in Pakistan.

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AIDO Tractor Lists for Pakistan Market

Small Tractors Medium Tractors
Large Tractors Wheel Tractors
Rear wheel drive tractor Four-wheel drive tractor
Farm Tractors Garden Tractors
Tracked Tractors Boat tractor
Forestry tractor Industrial tractor
Walk-behind tractor Other tractors you need
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 Different Sizes Tractors

Classified by horsepower, there are small tractors, medium size tractors and large tractors. Horsepower of small tractor is less than 20 , medium-sized tractors have 20-100 horsepower. Horsepower more than 100 will belong to the large tractors. Be attention, horsepower are equal to power X1.36. For example, 100 horsepower equal to 73.5kW*1.36. So which horsepower tractors you need for your work? Just choose from AIDO machinery.

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New Tractors for Sale from AIDO
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Structure of AIDO Tractors for Pakistan

Depending on the structure, tractors from AIDO machinery can be divided into hand-held tractors, wheel tractors and tracked tractors. All of these tractors are made of three parts which including engine, chassis and electrical equipment.

Applications of AIDO Tractor Equipment In Pakistan

Generally speaking, tractors are mainly used for agriculture, we also called them farm tractors. It is an important tool for farmers in the crop planting. In addition, tractors can be connected with trailers to realize the transportation of agricultural products, such as grain and crops. It can be connected with the corresponding agricultural machinery and can be used for field operations such as arable land, land preparation, sowing, fertilization and harvesting. They can also complete the work of irrigation, threshing, power generation, and processing of agricultural and sideline products. It is a multifunctional machinery for farming and other industry.

Useful Characteristics of AIDO Large Tractors for Pakistan

  • The gearbox of large tractors use 16F+8R gear position, optional crawler gear, shuttle shift, and synchronizer shifting gears of different speeds. Optional step-less adjustable half shaft to meet different track needs.
  • Reinforced double-cylinder forced-in-place lifting system with power output speed of 760/850, optional two or three sets of hydraulic output.
  • Extra-large diesel tank with a capacity of up to 180L and optional air conditioning.
  • Equipped with Dongfanghongguo III engine, it has high economic efficiency and is equipped with Weichai engine.
  • High-weight chassis with reliable working.Double wheel, single wheel for you to choose.
  • Standard luxury cab for large tractors with heating and cooling air conditioner.
  • Optional radial tire, multi-state switch, can be switched between different working conditions which is energy saving than other tractor type.

How to Choose a Tractor Battery?

What is the difference between a car battery and a tractor battery?

A Selection of Tractor Engine for Pakistan

Now, the brands of our tractor engine mainly including Xinchai, Quanchai, Dongfanghong, Weichai, Shangchai, etc., all of these engines are meet the national three emission standards.

The tractors from AIDO for Pakistan are generally powered by diesel engines, and the small walking-up tractors also use gasoline engines. All of our factories use diesel engines.

Since the tractor you bought will working at large loads in the field or on the job site, the engine must have a large torque reserve factor and a good filtration system. The engine intake part of our factory is currently a wet oil bath type air filter system.

Three Different Types of Tire Patterns from AIDO and Its Use

Different tire patterns of the tractor have different characteristics, and they also have different usage.

Ordinary Pattern Tires Suitable for dry fields and long distance transportation.
Narrow carcass high pattern paddy tire It can improve the adhesion of tractors under paddy soil conditions and reduce rolling resistance.
Ring pattern Suitable for two-wheel drive tractor, front tire.

Maintaining Tips for Tractors from AIDO In Pakistan

  • First of all, you should always pay attention to the oil level of the chassis, it can not lower than the dipstick scale. If it is not enough, you need to replenish the oil to avoid the damage to the transmission due to low oil level.
  • Second, you should also pay attention to oil levels from other positions, such as inside the riser housing, inside the hydraulic tank, inside the front axle housing, inside the oil bath type air filter and etc.
  • Third, Brake oil mainly use the hydraulic transmission dual use oil or triple use oil. It is forbidden to use the brake fluid.
  • Fourth, pay more attention to check the main clutch idle travel and the sub-clutch idle travel.
  • Fifth, during the shifting process, especially when moving forward and reversing and downshifting, you should step on the clutch for a few seconds and then shift gears. Do not just shift the gear when you step on the clutch. The main reason to do this is to protect the gears and prevent premature wear of the gears.
  • Sixth, pay more attention to check whether the oil leaks at each position, whether the bolt is loose or not, and handle these problems in time. Pay attention to the engine fault indicator on the instrument. If the fault light is on, contact the engine service station or after-sales service.
  • Seventh, fill the rotating parts with butter, such as the front axle, lifter, etc.
  • Last but not least, if you will not use the tractor for a long time, please turn off the breaker switch or remove the battery, this is beneficial to the tractor engine and battery.

Tractor Price List In Pakistan from AIDO Company

Compare with other large construction machinery, such as excavators, backhoe, loaders, tractor is not expensive in price. Especially, in AIDO machinery, there are many different functions of tractors you can choose for your projects. A common use tractor will cost about $10,000. But with different powers for farming, gardening, they will have different price range. Usually, they price is ranging from $8,000 to $50,000. If you need large power tractors for special use, it will cost you more money. For more about the price, you can contact with our sales manager by email us AIDO sales team will give you a detailed price quotation soon.

Tractors Manufacturer and Suppler In PK – AIDO Machinery

Why choose AIDO tractors? The tractors from AIDO machinery is ranging from 30 horsepower to 240 horsepower which will meet your different usage. They can be divided into five series according to different chassis. Each chassis product has a wide range of configurations. We have all series tractors for agricultural, fields, gardening and etc. We can meet the different needs from you. Choose AIDO, Choose success in construction machinery.

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