Wheel Loader for Sale In Pakistan

Wheel Loader for Sale In Pakistan

AIDO wheel loader for sale in Pakistan – different types of wheel loaders which including mini wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders and large wheel loaders with different price ranges. With good maneuverability, no damage to the road surface, and convenient to operate, AIDO wheel loaders will hold a large market share on the Construction machinery industry. Get the best wheel loader machine from ADIO for Your project in Pakistan now!

New Wheel Loaders from AIDO
DZL-900 AIDO Wheel Loader

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Wheel Loader Machine for Pakistan
DZL-933 Wheel Loader Machine

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Working Principle of AIDO Wheel Loaders for Sale In Pakistan

The overall structure of AIDO wheel loader machine mainly include four systems which including power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system and the control system. As a whole structure, AIDO wheel loader’s performance is not only related to the performance of the mechanical components of the working device, but also related to the performance of the hydraulic system and control system. For the power system, the original power of the loader is generally provided by the diesel engine. The diesel engine are more reliable to operate which will meet different working conditions.

AIDO New Wheel Loaders
DZL-946 New Wheel Loader

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Large Wheel Loader from AIDO
DZL-950G Large Wheel Loader

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Different Models of Wheel Loaders for Pakistan

We have different series of wheel loaders for different usage. Some compact wheel loader which including mini wheel loader machine and small wheel loaders. Medium size wheel loaders, large size wheel loaders and extra large size wheel loaders. Hydraulic wheel loader and etc.

AIDO Cheap Wheel Loader
DZL-953 Cheap Wheel Loader

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Cheap Wheel Loaders from AIDO
DZL-956 Cheap Wheel Loader

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AIDO Wheel Loader Bucket Types

For wheel loaders, we have many different models of buckets for sale. You can get the bucket changed according to your usage. Generally speaking, there are wooden fork, grasping fork, grass fork, snowboard and other optional buckets. There also exist coal bucket,rock bucket and ordinary bucket. But coal bucket capacity is larger than ordinary bucket which mainly used for loose materials, such as grain, sand, etc. Different buckets used for different occasions. You can purchased them according to your engineering needs.

High Quality Wheel Loader
DZL-968 Wheel Loader

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 Wheel Loader for Pakistan
DZL-980 Wheel Loader

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Characteristics of AIDO Wheel Loader

  • Turning radius of AIDO wheel loader equipment is small, flexible and adaptable to the operation requirements of small sites.
  • The new rack and pinion type working control mechanism is lighter in operation and more reliable in operation.
  • The diesel YC6M turbocharged diesel engine has good power performance and large torque reserve.
  • The bucket adopts integral quenching blade and is equipped with corner teeth for higher strength and durability.
  • The three-phase engine is equipped with more stable performance, stronger power, more fuel economy and lower noise.
  • Planetary gearbox, power matching number, smooth movement, easy operation, large carrying capacity and longer service life
  • The mid-wheelbase design ensures outstanding routine adaptability, ensures excellent working stability, and is easy and flexible to load and unload.
  • The new steel structure cab has a wide field of vision and a larger operating space. It is fully covered with a flame-retardant interior and is designed to be safer. It is equipped with an anti-rollover cab to protect the driver.
  • Match WP multi-power fuel-saving switch, according to different working conditions, the fuel consumption is controlled by computer program.
Wholesale Wheel Loader for Pakistan
DZL911 Wholesale Wheel Loader

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AIDO New Wheel Loaders
DZJ922 AIDO Wheel Loader

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Applications of AIDO Wheel Loader Machine for Pakistan

AIDO wheel loader is used for loading, pushing and unloading soil, lifting and pulling in the construction of open pit mines, railway foundation building and paving roads in Pakistan.
In small and medium-sized open-pit mines, it is used as a main mining, loading and transportation equipment for excavators and automobiles; it can be combined with automobiles, or it can also transport ore to crushing stations.

In some large-scale open-pit mines, the excavator is used for loading and unloading work under complicated conditions (such as sorting, end of working face, explosion of piles, excavation of trenches, etc.).

Different from the track loaders, AIDO wheel loaders can be used for working face with large slope to carry out combined operations of mining, loading and transportation, and complete difficult mining work.

Difference Between Wheel Loader and Track Loaders

  • First of all, wheel loaders is widely used in different projects, compare with the track loaders, they have reasonable prices in general.
  • Wheel loader machine is one of the fastest growing models in construction machinery, with the largest production and sales volume and market demand. It is the most popular loaders in the market.
  • Sometimes, they can deal with different tedious works which has equal functions to the track loaders.
  • AIDO wheel loaders is equipped with a spacious cab and low-effort controls, the operator will work in a comfortable and efficient environment. The forward shovel loader is engineered to provide superior reliability, durability and versatility to better meet your needs.

Wheel Loader Price In Pakistan

Price of wheel loader is ranging according to configuration, size, loading capacity and etc. Sometimes, the brand is also an important factor. You can choose these according to your budget.

Wheel Loader Manufacturer & Dealers In Pakistan

With high production capacity, high reliability, easy maintenance, comfortable operation, our wheel loader become more and more popular in the construction machinery industry. All loaders series are available. AIDO wheel loader machine is hot-sale in Pakistan market. Welcome to come to our office in Lahore, Pakistan to corporate with AIDO company.

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